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Russian Heritage - а high-quality vodka whose production is performed according to a special technological process, an original recipe and a complicated filtration system.


  • The recipe based on the high-quality spirit and briar fruit extract provides a balanced rich taste
  • The softness of vodka is provided by a multistep system of filtration through birch coal

  • A strict quality control of each party by organoleptic indicators enables to meet GOST standards of the Russian Federation for each bottle

  • The technological production cycle includes the stage of “final product rest” before bottling, which gives vodka an even more balanced taste

Strength — 40%

0.5 l and 0.7 l

Awarded with a golden medal at the degustation contest of the international exhibition PRODEXPO in 2013 and 2011. The winner of the International Wine & Spirit Competition in 2011 in the UK.

Main components:
Drinking water, specially prepared, ethanol rectified from food raw materials “Lux”, sugar liquor, briar fruits liqueur.

Energy value: 220 kcal/100 ml        

Conditions and date of expiry:
Date of expiry is not strict if the transportation conditions are maintained right: at the temperature of -15̊С to +30̊С in the room with the relative humidity level not more than 85%.