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Severnaya Federatsiya represents true values of Russian people: unity and strength of the Russian State, generosity and hearty talks. 


• For production of the vodka Severnaya Federatsiya we use the artesian water from bores lying at a depth of 180 meters.

• The water goes through the multistep filtration system using the method of reversed osmosis and quartz filters and filtration methods with absorbent carbon. In the process of such filtration all features of bioactive “live” water are preserved.

• The technology of water preparation provides constantly best taste results of the vodka, the high-technological process of filtration enriches it with an especially exquisite taste, and an additional filtration with the use of silver makes it softer.

• Each party goes through an obligatory control by physicochemical and organoleptic analysis, which guarantees the high quality of the vodka.

• The graphic logo made on the glass surface of the bottle is its peculiarity. The engraving not only gives it individuality but also protects the bottle of Severnaya Federatsiya from being counterfeited.

• The reinforced-plastic cap provides an additional protection. The cap is designed so that its re-use is impossible.

• The products conform to the Russian GOST standards.

Premium Classic vodka is created for those who appreciate the pure taste of vodka. The high-quality spirit infused with linen seeds offers a real unfeigned taste of the high-class vodka. It perfectly works as a basic ingredient of the most original cocktails or as a pure drink.

A unique taste of Premium Cedar vodka is based on cedar nuts, marjoram and caraway that are included in its composition. These ingredients perfectly underline the classic vodka flavor enriching it with special overtones.

Strength — 40%

0.25 l and 0.5 l


It is awarded with a silver medal at the degustation contest of the international exhibition PRODEXPO in 2011.