ALKON Group started its activity in 1996. Since then, we have earned trust and respect of our partners and have taken one of the leading positions in our segment of the market. 
Our team numbers more than 3,000 specialists, 1,900 of which deal with retailing, wholesaling and regional sales in more than 75 constituent territories of the Russian Federation.
Today there opened more than 150 partner companies throughout Russia that perform the logistics. There is a sales department related to each distributor which consists of area sales managers, supervisors, commercial representatives, merchandisers who work with retail outlets.

Why should the candidates try themselves in the ALKON company?

ALKON Group is the employer that allows them to grow professionally and financially.
We believe that people should be satisfied with their work.
We support innovations that’s why there is no routine work in ALKON. When there are new technologies, each day is interesting.
We have an amiable team and great working conditions.
And of course our biggest advantage is great workplace relationship.

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