A brand new unusual combination of the juicy apple and mellow eider. It freshens up and gives energy for new achievements. Try the new thing!

Does not contain GMO. Drink chilled.

Main components:
Lager beer filtered, sugar, carbon dioxide, apple juice concentrate, lemon acid, sweet nutritional mixture “Marmix”; flavorings: “Eider”, “Apple”; coloring agent sugar dye IV.

Nutrition value: carbohydrates – 7.5 g/100 ml
Energy value: 70 kcal/100 ml    

PET bottle — 1.5 l

Group packing:
Quantity in one packing — 6 pieces of 1.5 l

Conditions and date of expiry:
Store at temperatures from +10 °С to +20 °С under relative degree of humidity no more than 75%, not under exposure to sunlight. 
Date of expiry — 12 months after the manufacture date.

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