FINNORD Cranberry

Vodka FINNORD Cranberry has received its rich taste due to the natural cranberry and black currant leaves liqueur. The fragrant spirit of barberry gives vodka an especially memorable flavor and pleasant long-lasting aftertaste.

Main components:
Drinking water, specially prepared, ethanol rectified from food raw materials “Lux”, sugar liquor, cranberry infusion, bilberry berries flavored spirit, fragrant spirit of the bilberry berries, infusion of black currant leaves.

Strength — 40%

Energy value: 220 kcal/100 ml        

Glass bottle 0.5 l

Group packing:
20 pieces for 0.5 l

Conditions and date of expiry:
Date of expiry is not strict if the transportation conditions are maintained right: at the temperature of -15̊С to +30̊С in the room with the relative humidity level not more than 85%.

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